Systems Integration Engineer - CIO

ITER - International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor



  • To oversee the functional integration of Tokamak and Plant Systems;
  • To implement the whole Systems Engineering processes, including the project requirements technical management, the design development, the verification and the validation (including design, installation and commissioning phases) of the integrated system;
  • To prepare and perform functional test and the integrated commissioning of Integrated Systems;
  • To assume any other duty related to functional analysis and simulation studies of Integrated Systems.

Main duties/Responsibilities

  • Implements the Systems Engineering processes, including requirements flow-down, design control for the transverse functions, verification and validation of the Integrated Systems, e.g. Tokamak and Plant Systems;
  • Guarantees the correct and shared update of the functional interfaces performing Functional Design Integration Review;
  • Is responsible for the integration of Tokamak and Plant Systems in the Buildings, taking into account the environmental constraints;
  • Implements the project requirements in the baseline;
  • Is responsible for guaranteeing the functional integration of the design deliverables, e.g. Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Single-Line Diagram through the whole lifecycle of the integrated system;
  • Develops and implements the verification and validation plan for the Integrated Systems;
  • Develops the organization of the turnover to machine Operation Team through functional test and commissioning plan, in cooperation with the Science and Operation and the Safety Departments;
  • Coordinates the Design Plan and Document Production Plan for the functional integration of the Integrated Systems and the Transverse Functions;
  • Collaborates with the Responsible Officers in implementing the functional integration of the Integrated Systems;
  • Perform the functional design integration review in order to verify the implementation of the integrated requirements and advises on corrective actions, when necessary;
  • May be required to work shifts during the ITER assembly and commissioning phase;
  • Performs other duties in support of the project schedule;
  • May be requested to be part of any of the project/construction teams and to perform other duties;
  • Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of the ITER Safety Program, values and ethics;
  • Reports to the System Integration Section Leader;

Measures of effectiveness

  • Interface closely with the Safety Department, Science and Operation Department, Plant Engineering Department, Tokamak Engineering Department and other ITER Departments and Project Teams;
  • Acts as an interface between the Central Integration Office, the technical responsible officers within IO and Domestic Agencies, and contractors;
  • In response to requests from the Director-General (DG) and/or Central Integration Office (CIO) Head, or proactively, informs the DG/CIO Head of any important and urgent issues that cannot be handled by the concerned line management and may jeopardize the achievement of the Project’s objectives;
  • Maintains the Tokamak and Plant Systems functional integration;
  • Ensures the proper implementation, verification and validation of the project requirements;
  • Implements the systems engineering processes;
  • Prepares and performs the functional test of the Integrated Systems.

Project Construction Phase

Level of study

  • Master or equivalent degree.


  • Mechanical, nuclear or other relevant field.

Level of experience

  • At least 8 years.

Technical experience/knowledge

  • At least 8 years’ experience in the Systems Engineering of complex projects, within Fusion Technology or Nuclear Facilities;
  • Experience in design, procurement, construction and commissioning;
  • Good Project Management experience is required;
  • Knowledge of both international and French nuclear regulation, codes & standards is considered as an advantage;
  • Knowledge of nuclear safety and regulatory requirements is considered as an advantage;
  • Knowledge of fusion technology and/or nuclear design code and standards;
  • Good knowledge of functional integration and commissioning of complex systems;
  • Extensive experience in similar jobs (involving similar work responsibilities) and/or additional training certificates in relevant domains may be considered a reasonable substitute for the above mentioned educational degree.

Social skills

  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Ability to work in a team and to promote team spirit;

Specific skills

  • MS Office standard (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

General skills

  • Excellent capability to interact with experts from different disciplines;
  • Organizational skills and autonomy for his/her of responsibility;
  • Flexible and proactive approach oriented on problem solving.


  • Knowledge of computational software for simulation studies.


  • English (Fluent).

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